Schools are where our company began.  As an educator I’ve watched the changing culture of our schools.  Generationally our schools have been forced to be on the cutting edge without the necessary tools to achieve complete success.  It is true that the needs of our families and students in school grow exponentially from the day that students enter the building, until their great-grand children leave it.  How can we possibly compare the elementary education received in 1940 to the same education 80 years later?

The answer is simple, we cannot.  Where is the fine line between supporting teachers with skills and tools necessary and encouraging the direct involvement of parents in a child’s education.  How can we expect to adapt to our ever dynamic culture and instill values that are and should be consistent with the families of the past?  All questions that can be answered using data and metric created to grow the student into a product of your schools mission.  Care to find out more?   For more information please drop us a line and we will get right to you.

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