Simple site check ups

I’ve been looking at a few random websites lately.  Mostly because it’s the beginning of the school year and I am curious to see what attracts people.  Here’s what I found — for the most part.

  1. Sites are horribly out of date.  I’ve counted so many schools with information that goes as far back at 2015 on the front page.  The good news is they updated most of the contact information, but not much else.  What does that tell you as a potential parent looking for a school for your child?
  2. Most school sites are overly complex and hard to follow.
  3. Responsive site design should be a necessity in a mobile dominated world.

That’s a good start.  Those are just a few simple observations.  If your site is up-to-date here are a few check ups from the bloggers at Elegant Themes.  You’ll find the blog here.

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