The Winding Creek Group grew from a simple need.  Schools, in the beginning of the Internet age were not reaching their full potential.  Cost effective solutions were difficult to find for busy administrators and over burdened school leadership.  While many educators can be the master of all trades, web spaces that were easy to use and update were a struggle.

We’ll find solutions for you that work for you!  That’s our mission and our purpose.  We don’t make it hard to understand.  If you’re a professional coder and you understand how to work the “back-end” of the “front-end” that’s awesome.  We can give you a paddle and you can start to navigate down the creek.  But if you have no idea about what I just attempted to communicate.  Sit back, relax and let us provide managed services for you.  If you’re in the middle of either of those statements, we have that covered too!

There are a few places we put most of these things together.  Domains and hosting form the foundation of most things we do.  Application development using AppSheet and value driven resources.  Consulting services built on data-driven decision making.  School services that are always value based and true to your needs.

Drop us a line and see if we can help you accomplish your goals.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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